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Paper Plate Lion

May 22, 2018

Here are the instructions to make your very own lion.




Large popsicle stick


paper plate (white or yellow)

yellow craft paint (if using white plate)

paint brush

brown, yellow and orange construction paper


glue stick

craft glue

black marker

googly eyes






      - Paint paper plate yellow.


Cut the Lion’s Mane

     - Cut yellow and orange and brown strips out of construction paper.

3 different lengths

     - brown – large

     - orange – med

     - yellow – small


Glue the Lion’s Mane

     - Rim the back edge of the plate with glue stick where the strips will be applied.

     - Stick on alternating yellow and orange strips around the back of the plate

     - Then glue a second layer of large brown strips layering on top and in between the yellow and orange coloured strips.


Cut the ears and nose

    - Cut out 2 larger yellow circular and 2 brown smaller shapes with rounded edges

    - Tip: shapes of the same size can be cut together by layering your pieces of construction paper

    - Cut a brown triangle shape with rounded edges out of construction paper for the nose.


Glue ears nose and eyes

    - Glue inside and outside ear shapes together then attach ears at top of the plate. Glue the nose at the centre of the plate then add the eyes.

    - Draw the mouth starting at the base of the nose and add dots and whiskers

    - Glue the popsicle stick handle on with craft glue behind the plate and tape in place while it dries. Be sure to line it up with the front.


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