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Word Family “at” - Turn & Learn ABCs

October 15, 2018


Learn to read words in the “at” word family with Turn & Learn ABCs - Word Families! This episode includes the words hat, cat, and bat!


Can you think of any other words in the “at” word family?


What is a “word family”? A word family is a collection of words that share a common letter and sound feature. For example, the words “cat”, “hat”, “mat”, “bat”, and “sat” all share the same -at sound and letter combination, so we can categorize them as being part of the “at” word family.


Learning common word families is an excellent way to improve reading and spelling skills for beginning readers.


Turn & Learn ABCs - Word Families is perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners, as well as young ESL/EFL learners. Turn & Learn ABCs - Word Families introduces words from the following word families: “at”, “ad”, “ar”, “ag”, “ail”, “ake”, “ack”, “ain”, “ale”, “all”, “am”, “ame”, “an”, “ap”, “ate”, “ay”, “eel”, “eep”, “eet”, “ell”, “en”, “est”, “ice”, “ick”, “ide”, “ing”, “ink”, “ip”, “oat”, “ock”, “og”, “oo”, “ook”, “oom”, “oon”, “op”, “ot”, “ug”

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